Top five tips for IT professionals to persuade their audience

Top five tips for IT professionals to persuade their audience

Today, technology is a utility as vital to business as electricity. But it’s not just software that needs updating. As technology weaves tightly with business, IT professionals must continually keep their audiences informed, excited and assured.

According to Westpac Group CIO, Dave Curran, “The concept that someone can work in a business and not fundamentally understand the IT that supports their business won’t last… There are very few industries not totally powered by technology.”

So, beyond an information download, we must effectively communicate the IT solutions that matter and convince customers, employees and investors to trust it. But, how?

Here are five ways IT experts can use persuasive visual tools to gain trust:

1. Selling security
With data breaches hitting some of the largest companies, security is a significant concern.
Ease customer and stakeholder worries without compromising data safety by focusing on principles rather than specifics. Use creative media, like explainer videos, to illustrate how you keep their information secure. It’s an entertaining and engaging way to convert audiences of varying tech-savviness.

2. Sharing big data
Big data can be overwhelming for any audience. Whenever you’re presenting it, it’s important to make it digestible by breaking it down. Try using simple and scannable infographics that communicate key trends or patterns at a glance. Or, transform complex analyses into an easy-to-understand explainer video.

3. Leading change
It’s easy to fear change. But as technology waits for no man, innovation and digital transformations will simply become part of daily business. Get your customers, employees and investors on-board and excited about digital transformations. Show them how it improves productivity, efficiency, and customer service, and convince them it’s essential for business growth. Package all of these points in a well-constructed, well delivered presentation and you’ll be well on your way to earning widespread acceptance.

4. Showcasing energy savings
Energy-efficient solutions are the way forward in tech. Plus, energy cost savings are a strong selling point for customers. While it’s easy to tell customers your solutions generate ‘cost-savings’, it’s important they understand how it happens. So, why not showcase the process in a memorable explainer video? Or demonstrate how much energy they can save in an eye-catching infographic?

5. Attracting and developing talent
To attract the best talent in the marketplace, you’ll need to make your employer brand stand out. Remember Google’s cryptic recruitment ad? Without going that far, there are many ways to be seen. Well-designed and informative company credential presentations go a long way to grab the attention of top talent.

In the lightning-fast digital world, skills get outdated rapidly. So, you’ll also want to keep your talent up to speed. Why not run regular training webinars that provide employees with the knowledge they need to do their jobs well?

Don’t let your technology updates lag. Keep your audiences engaged, excited and convinced of the merits of tech using a winning combination of infographics, explainer videos, webinars and professional presentations.

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Wow your stakeholders at your next technology update
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