Five ways visual communications add value to HR

Five ways visual communications add value to HR

Humans are at the heart of the HR function. So, it makes sense to appeal to your audiences’ human qualities when communicating to attract and retain talent, promote development, manage change and advocate for a safe and healthy workplace.

While most departments concern themselves with managing operations and resources, HR remains unique. By looking after people, you have intimate knowledge of the business’ challenges and who you need to attract to tackle these. After all, without good people, everything grinds to a halt.

However, HR isn’t immune to challenges. Today’s highly competitive job market means not only attracting the best but keeping them. It also means maintaining highly motivated employees and leaders while making sure they work in safe environment.

How should HR tackle these challenges? By appealing to your audiences’ human side in these five ways:

1. Attract talent with a strong employer brand

A strong employer brand is a must. One study found 48 per cent of job seekers won’t choose an employer if they don’t know enough about them.

Appeal to the human desire for value. Showcase your company, its people and the great things you do for employees. Build a suite of visual collateral that highlights your brand’s value, such as an Interactive PDF Brochure or an Employer Brand Explainer video to share on your website. 

For new employees, you will need to provide the best welcome and onboarding experience, including professionally designed e-learning and training videos in the form of a webinar or an online course. This way, your processes and need for compliance will be explained in a clear and engaging way.

2. Retain your best performers through learning

Retaining employees takes more than token benefits. The top driver for keeping your top performers is development.

Appeal to the human need to learn. Keep employees motivated via continuous learning and training programs at every stage of their career. For geographically spread organisations, well-designed webinars and explainer videos are an excellent solution for delivering consistent development programs and keeping your audience engaged. 

3. Boost leadership through development

Apart from top performers, you also need to care for leaders. They influence your business’ success, so it’s vital to enrich their skills, abilities and knowledge.

Appeal to leaders’ need to stay relevant. Use PowerPoint presentations to report on the quality, quantity and availability of internal leadership training programs and to inspire your leaders. Don’t be afraid to invest in your managers and leaders by sending them to external courses.

4. Manage change through communication

One issue for HR is you can be familiar with the details of change and fail to recognise that it’s new to others. How do you manage what’s known as the curse of knowledge?

Appeal to the human need to perceive difficult concepts visually. Using visually-focused communications allows people to digest lots of information without reading through reams of documents. The way you communicate about change in your organisation is up to you. You might opt for a regular face to face with your teams and explain the changes they’re going through via a professionally-designed PowerPoint presentation or you might prefer sharing crucial information via regular newsletters incorporating explainer videos and interactive infographics for data visualisation. 

5. Enhance engagement through health and safety

According to research by the Australian government, healthier workers are three times more productive than those who aren’t fit. So, how can you advocate for health and safety, and make it a priority?

Appeal to senior management’s need to see the ROI. Present facts about the impact of absenteeism and presenteeism on productivity using infographics. Also, promote the positive effect of company programs and policies on health and safety using engaging explainer videos.

Stay true to the focus of human resources by using well-designed communications when recruiting, retaining, training, managing and looking after your people.

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