Three scenarios where PowerPoint isn’t the power choice

Three scenarios where PowerPoint isn’t the power choice

It’s the usual scenario for many professionals: You need to present. What’s the first thing you do? Do you, like millions of others, fire up PowerPoint immediately? Or is it possible for you to make a lasting impact sans slides?

PowerPoint is a great way to visually support messages. Whether you’re hosting a meeting, workshop or conference, a high-quality, well-prepared slide deck can take your presentation from plain and ordinary to unique and inspiring.

But, every once in a while, you might find yourself in a situation where PowerPoint isn’t the most suitable tool for the job. Here are three scenarios where you should consider taking a different approach:

When PowerPoint doesn’t support your objective
Slides are a poor medium for detailed information. Studies show that people read much faster than a presenter can speak. So, the best way to present extensive content is for people to read it at their own time, not to present it with slides. Consider whether detailed material should instead be provided as a hard copy brochure or an interactive PDF.

Is your goal to stir people into action? Again, reflect on whether PowerPoint will detract from your objective. Think of the most rousing speeches in history—none required slides. If you need to reinforce a point visually, an inspiring video or a striking image could be a better option.

When PowerPoint doesn’t suit the setting
Hardware is another deciding factor. It’s never ideal to troubleshoot technical glitches while presenting. If the technology at the venue is not suited to PowerPoint, leave your deck at home.

Audience’s needs matter too. You may be meeting with a group who rate connecting ideas and face-to-face interaction as more important than visual aids. That is in fact why some large global companies enforce PowerPoint-free meetings.

When PowerPoint won’t be ready in time
Engaging and effective PowerPoint decks require time—time you don’t always have. Use that precious resource instead to understand your audience, master your key messages, and practice your delivery. After all, slides or no slides, these are the basic elements of a great presentation.

Proper use of PowerPoint enhances your presentation
So, stop and think: Will it support your objective, suit the setting, and be ready within your allotted preparation time? Keep these three considerations in mind and you’ll always unleash the power of PowerPoint when you do use it.

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  • 21.12.2017

    think you raise some valid points. Powerpoint is good but not for all occasions.

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