The secret to success 3 pillars of impactful presentations

The secret to success: 3 pillars of impactful presentations

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In a sea of uninspiring PowerPoint decks, we at Slidemaster believe we’ve figured out the secret to presentations that stand out—every single time. We call it our three pillars for powerful presentations: content, design and delivery.

Think of a durable rope. Its strength comes from twisting or plaiting together individual strands. Untwist the strands and the rope breaks with the slightest pressure.

Just as the strands of that rope, our three pillars work together to produce robust, engaging and memorable presentations. All three are needed, or else presentations loose strength. Here’s why:

Content propels

Your content is the thrust of any presentation. If it’s weak, it won’t get you anywhere.

Content comes first is a formula used by today’s most successful animation studio. Despite the advancement of computer-generated animation, the foundation of their best films is the plot—content. Everything else builds off that.

So, nail your content right from the get-go. Think about how to make it the audience-centric foundation for your presentation. You might need storytelling experts to help you get clear on your goals, target audience and key messages.

Design enhances

Good design isn’t merely about making your deck look better; it’s about making it look more valuable. By including well-selected visuals, you help your listeners perceive your message as a valuable one.

In fact, bad design can cost customer patronage, as proven by studies on persuasive design for websites. If the site doesn’t appear to be valuable, because of bad design, customers move on.

But don’t be intimidated if you’re not the creative type. Professional graphic designers can help bring your content to life by carefully selecting or creating artwork for your presentation.

Delivery sways

The strength and beauty of your idea can’t sell itself. You need an engaging delivery to tie it all in.

When the Japanese won the bid to host the 2020 Olympics, they didn’t present any new ideas. Instead, they focused all their efforts on telling stories that appealed to the hearts and minds of the International Olympic Committee. Their delivery stood out.

Remember, the best speakers are made not born. Want to improve your delivery? Observe what the best speakers do and discover your unique communication personality. Or better yet, get a coach to train you on effective presentation techniques.

There you have it, Slidemaster’s threefold secret. Keep your content, design and delivery working together, and you’re guaranteed to give powerful presentations every time.

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