How to use Hollywood’s three-step formula to write great video scripts

How to use Hollywood’s three-step formula to write great video scripts

Video is taking over. Experts predict that by 2021, 82 per cent of all internet traffic will be video content with 64 per cent of consumers purchasing after seeing a clip. Now, if you’re planning to produce a video, you’ll need to stand out and be compelling.

Easier said than done. Why? Because, the best explainer videos must simplify complex ideas, tell an engaging story, represent your brand and motivate your audience – all in within 60 to 90 seconds, the ideal length for high-impact videos.

Is that even possible? Well, just like in cinema, before the lights get lit, the cameras roll or an actor steps into a scene, there needs to be a great script.

Professional screenwriters follow a basic three-part formula when composing scripts. This proven process can also be used to write excellent business video scripts. Check it out below:

Step one: The set-up
Unlike a Hollywood screenwriter, your primary goal for creating a video probably isn’t entertainment. Be clear what your goal is from the get-go. Are you solving a problem or educating audiences? Remember, you’ve only got a short amount of time to tell a single, focused story.

Let your script speak the way your audience does. Use short and simple sentences, as though you are talking to a friend. The best scriptwriters find the simplest way to say something that achieves maximum impact (think, “Show me the money!” or “Run, Forrest, run”).

It’s also good to inject emotions, try to get a laugh or tug at the heartstrings. If the characters in your video are relatable, you’ll get a better emotional response too.

Step two: The conflict
Expose the problem. Tell them why the issue is bad news and get your audience hanging on for a solution. Screenwriters call this part ‘introducing the point of crisis’. The goal is to hook the viewer right into the action.

So, find ways to connect, rather than just deliver lines. Appeal to needs, problems and frustrations. Let the broader message – not the product – connect with the audience.

Also, anticipate your viewer’s questions and include them in your script.

Step three: The resolution
Pull your audience into the final part of your video by introducing the solution. Showcase why you’re the expert. Back up your solution with a customer testimonial, case study or research that supports your point. Then, let your audience come to a conclusion on the value you provide.

Finally, after you’ve convinced them, close out with a strong call to action. Be clear and specific to leave a lasting impression.

By setting-up, introducing conflict and closing with a resolution, you’ll have what it takes to create one-of-a-kind videos just like they do in Hollywood.

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