How to transform your internal conferences & communication

How to transform your internal conferences & communication

As another year closes, businesses everywhere are busily working on their budgets and setting their strategy for the year ahead. During this time, companies are also beginning to plan their annual conference. These events are a great platform for celebrating past achievements and aligning employees with the future direction of the company.

That makes your annual conference critical to achieving business success. It’s hugely important to get everyone on-board with the company’s goals and working towards them unitedly. The secret to achieving this could lie in the way your information is presented. Here’s how to make your next conference really count:

Make it memorable
In the age of TED talks, life hacks and the internet of things, memorable content is hard to come by. Make your content stand out by remembering that we’re visual creatures. Our brain dedicates 30% of its activity to visual processing. Combine a hard-to-forget presentation with professionally-designed slides and stunning graphics, and you’re guaranteed to bring your messages to life.

Another way to be memorable is by integrating an engaging explainer video into your presentation. It’s a great way to condense complex information into simple, appealing content, keeping your presentation brief and easy to remember. That way, you can have peace of mind that your key messages are delivered and reinforced in a clear, succinct and fun way.
You can also change-up the pace of your conference by incorporating panel discussions, team building activities, quizzes, voting and Q&A sessions. Just remember that the goal is to be memorable.

Make it relatable
Stories are a great way to convey information. Telling a story paints a clear picture of your organisation’s journey. It gives a deep understanding of how you’re travelling and where you’re heading. So, build excitement for that journey – make them want to contribute to reaching the goal.

Of course, you don’t have to do all of the storytelling! You can bring out the stories of your employees or ask them to share anecdotes using visuals or interviews. Why not integrate these stories into unique, custom-made presentations and videos too? Hearing a colleague’s story can really help employees to put themselves in the picture and make your conference truly relatable.

Make it valuable
Many companies see the value of getting their sales pitch presentations professionally done, but when it comes to communicating with their employees, they often miss out on the opportunity to fully-engage their audience. If you want to get your team excited and motivated about delivering results, you need to show them how much you value them. Custom-made content does just that. It gives your delegates something new and exclusive to talk about. It’s content they wouldn’t have seen before and couldn’t have seen if they were not an attendee at your conference.

It’s worth investing in your conference presentations, because your company’s results are often a reflection of the efforts made internally to engage your workforce. Professionally-crafted presentations, videos and other internal communications add a lot of value in promoting a positive culture, which leads to improved financial results.

By sharing stunning content at your next conference, you’ll undoubtedly boost your business’ performance. But, you don’t have to stop there. You can create regular internal communications that build a great company culture throughout the entire year. Simply invest in your employees and the returns will come in the form of business success.

As experts in creating stunning presentations and engaging explainer videos, Slidemaster’s team of designers can transform your next conference and ignite your internal communications with unique and inspiring content.

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