Five tips to wow your audience

Leaving a lasting impression with your audience can be one of the hardest marketing challenges you ever deal with. Despite the apparent challenge it can be done successfully.

Slidemaster has put together 5 tips to make your presentation really stand out.

Establish rapport with your audience.

Speak slowly, enunciate clearly, and show appropriate emotion and feeling relating to your topic. Believe in what you are saying. Persuade your audience effectively.

Mistakes happen.

If you made an error, correct it. and continue. No need to make excuses or apologize profusely.

Make eye contact.

Use your eye contact to make everyone in your audience feel involved.

Communication is the key.

Speak to your audience, listen to their questions, respond to their reactions, adjust and adapt. Add humor whenever appropriate and possible. Keep audience interested throughout your entire presentation.

Have a good conclusion.

Terminate your presentation with an interesting remark or an appropriate punch line. Always thank your audience and of course, wait for the applause!


  • 30.04.2017
    P. Ncube

    Powerful tips


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