Explainer Videos are on the rise

Explainer Videos are on the rise

It’s no secret that video is one of the most persuasive forms of storytelling. A simple video has the ability to transmit dozens of messages quickly and easily, and connect with an audience on an emotional level.

With almost 5 billion clips being watched on YouTube every single day, it’s no surprise that video is on-trend in the marketing world. In particular, the use of an animated explainer video seems to be on the rise. Here are three powerful reasons why:

1. They make it easy for customers to understand and buy your product.
A well-produced animated explainer video has the ability to distill your product information into just one or two minutes of snackable content. Combine these simple messages with engaging visuals, and you are guaranteed to grab and hold your audience’s attention. Remember, less is more! Overloaded content, lengthy product descriptions and complex purchase instructions will send your customers straight towards your competitors.

2. They boost your social media engagement.
Audiences tire of the same old posts, so why not try something new? An explainer video has the power to not only inform, but also entertain your audience. High-quality animation and intriguing visuals not only capture and keep their attention, they evoke an instant human reaction. For many, animation brings back fond memories of childhood. It has the unique ability to tell a story in an easy and accessible way. The result? More views, likes, followers and shares!

3. They set your brand apart from the crowd.
In a sea of endless content, it’s more difficult than ever for brands to distinguish themselves. One of the simplest ways to set your business apart from the crowd is through branded content. Combine your strong visual identity with an entertaining and authentic story, and you’ve got the important ingredients for a memorable explainer video. What better way to make your customers remember you…and your competitors envious!

It’s easy to see why explainer videos are becoming such a popular medium for business storytelling. They’re a fun way to promote a product, boost social media engagement and highlight a brand. When combined with a professionally-designed presentation, they really have the power to WOW audiences.

As experts in explainer videos, Slidemaster’s experienced team of designers create stunning illustrations, voiceover, images, and moving pictures to transform your products and services into easy-to-understand animations. Check out our video portfolio and watch our manifesto video here.

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