Create first-class content using effective message planning

Create first-class content using effective message planning

Great presentations take audiences along a clear path to arrive at your desired outcome. Whether it’s to drive action, inspire change or provide an update, your audience must end up at the intended destination—your purpose.

If your presentation is the flight, then message planning is the airport. Millions of travellers arrive at faraway places because someone designed their path to the plane. Carefully plan your message and your audience will go on a first-class journey towards your goal.

Why not start by asking yourself these five simple questions?

Is the structure logical?
Aim for a structure that flows well. No one enjoys confusion, so arrange your messages in a coherent way. Just as it’s logical for travellers to check in their bags first, order your messages in a way that makes sense to your listeners.

Is the information appropriate?
Give enough information to excite interest without overloading. Airports all over the world implement a minimum connecting time between flights. You can’t get on your next flight if you go over this allotted time. So, only include the appropriate dose of relevant information.

Is the key message clear?
Don’t obscure your key message. Noise is distracting, that’s why carpet is the flooring choice at the best airports. Avoid creating message noise by only using illustrations, examples or facts that strengthen the key message.

Is it error free?
Use reliable information from trustworthy sources. Your audience believes you in the same way travellers trust the departure board, so make accurate statements. Never risk damage to your credibility. Remember to check your facts.

Always check spelling and grammar. Accuracy isn’t just about using the correct information, it’s also about using proper language. If 45 per cent of employers surveyed by The Wall Street Journal believe their people need grammar training, then precision puts you in first-class. Plus, good grammar leaves little room for misunderstanding.

Is it on-brand?
Portray your brand consistently. Singapore Changi pioneered the ‘entertainment airport’ concept. All their terminals are designed around this concept, so travellers know exactly what Changi is all about. Let your brand stick with your audience—stay true to it with your messages.

Simply put, if you’re looking for the most direct route to presentation success, make sure your content is well-structured, relevant, accurate and on-brand!

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