Using stories to bring your message to life

Using stories to bring your message to life

Storytelling is as old as civilization. By nature, all humans are storytelling experts. Every day, we crave, consume and share stories. Why? Because they help us to understand the world, learn and remember new ideas, relieve emotional tension, and build trusted and authentic relationships.

Like any good story, your webinar should take your audience on a journey of change. So, think about your webinar objectives and craft your messages to support your desired outcome. Then, use these simple storytelling techniques to bring your messages to life:

1. Share your journey. Instead of the usual introduction, talk about how you came to be discussing your product or service.
2. Discuss your failures and setbacks.  Audiences always connect with the underdog and love to hear about struggle over adversity or the individual vs. the machine.
3. Humanise your brand. Put a face and a name to each step of your business’ processes.

Combining storytelling with powerful visuals
With visual literacy at its highest, today’s audiences are experts when it comes to decoding images. Images act as an anchor for each transition of your story. Plus, great visuals will unify your audience with a common experience, ignite their curiosity, add colour, and set mood and atmosphere. Not only that, but graphs, photos and illustrations can support your story with real-life evidence that builds confidence in you and your brand.

How will you know if you’ve hit the mark with your webinar? Quite simply, your audience will respond, they’ll accept the call to action, or they’ll tell you that your story struck a chord.

Don’t go on wondering if you’ve done enough to win-over your audience. Combine the power of storytelling with high-impact visuals and you’ll deliver winning webinar performances every time.



To see Aimee’s storytelling techniques in action, watch her ON24 Webinar World presentation.



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