The authentic you | by Dominic Wells

Do you want to deliver professional presentations that truly engage?

If so you have probably considered many delivery techniques that could enhance your message, make eye contact, manage your pace, plenty of pauses, modulate volume etc.  All good stuff but there is a real risk that too much too soon will make you a worse not better presenter.

I have seen numerous highly competent communicators become overwhelmed when presenting simply because they are attempting to apply too many techniques that they have not yet had time to master.

A safe and powerful foundation for all professional presenters is to deliver the Authentic You.  We spend decades subconsciously developing our natural communication skills, we have a natural voice, rhythm, language and movement and deviating from these in the short term is a big ask. So before overwhelming ourselves with delivery techniques we should recognise and leverage our natural communication style that is authentic to us.

So if you want to deliver professional presentations that truly engage start by being true to the Authentic You.

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