Presentations on the go. Use your tablet device to engage your audience

Tablets are quickly becoming a ‘must have’ device for many people – once you have one it’s hard to imagine life without it. According to Nielsen’s The Australian Online Consumer Landscape report (2012), tablet ownership more than doubled during 2011, and today nearly one third of Australians own one.
Not that long ago people turned up to a meeting with a notebook and a pen. Now, it’s pretty common for busy executives to bring their tablet to a meeting and use it to take notes and conduct presentations.

But, how do you give an effective presentation on a tablet?

Director of Slidemaster, Paul Coelho, provides some timely tips on how to make the most of a professional tablet presentation:

Why should I use my tablet to conduct a presentation?
Approximately 31% of Australians own a tablet (Nielsen; Australian Connected Consumers report). Tablets are much more user-friendly and portable than laptops, and can be passed around, meaning greater interactivity with your audience.

Should I include videos in a tablet presentation?
Videos can be an engaging way to present your content or support your message. Presenting from your tablet means you can easily switch between apps, should you need to display videos or other content.
What size audience should I consider using a tablet to conduct my presentation?
Tablets can be used for audiences both large and small. They can provide a more interactive element in small meetings yet can be used in the same manner as laptops in larger meetings. The portable nature of a tablet allows you to freely walk around a room and interact with your audience.

How long should my presentation be?
Length should be a secondary thought. Making your points come across in an interesting, memorable way is what counts. Having said that, it’s not about what you say and how long it takes, but how you deliver your message.

Where can I store my presentation?
Cloud-based storage is a great option if your tablet doesn’t have enough built-in storage. Dropbox and Google Drive are great for both iOS and Android devices.

Can I use a tablet to conduct presentations regardless of my industry?
If you’re not using presentations to promote you or your business, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to professionals. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or who your audience is – an engaging presentation is what matters when telling a story.

Presenting on a tablet can help you take your audience on a journey – whether your presentation is a Sales Pitch, Company Presentation, Product Presentation or something completely different.

How can I share my presentation?
Sites like SlideShare and SlideBoom are a great way to share your presentations. SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations without animations or transitions between slides. SlideBoom is an online service to upload and share your presentations exactly how you’ve created it. It’s like YouTube for Presentations. There are plenty of sites out there, so do some research into which is best for your presentation.

Are tablet presentations more interactive?
Definitely. If you offer an engaging presentation to your audience, the more likely you and your business are to benefit. In smaller meetings, a tablet can be passed around, and in larger presentations you can walk around the room with your tablet or have it connected to a monitor or projector. If you require a projector and would like to rent one, visit this website.

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