Marketers, can you afford not to nail your next boardroom presentation_

Marketers, can you afford not to nail your next boardroom presentation?

Pitching marketing proposals to senior executives can be tough. In fact, according to Forbes, 69% of CEOs said they thought their companies wasted money on marketing initiatives. Marketing often requires a long-term strategic view before a return on investment can be identified. For example, if you want to turn potential customers into sales, lead generation is the first port of call. For more information on this, visit What’s more, marketers are frequently pitching to executives who aren’t ‘digitally savvy’. Add to that, the number of executives reporting to CEOs has doubled in recent years, which means their time, attention and patience is scarcer than ever before.

For these reasons, presenting to the c-suite is not something marketers should do ‘on a wing’. If you’re serious about getting your next marketing plan and budget approved—and gaining the support of the most powerful people in your business—you’ll need to deliver an informative yet engaging proposal like an expert.

So, how can you deliver a knockout presentation that compels executives to say ‘yes’ and leaves a great lasting impression? By following these three practical steps:

1. Nail your content
The basis of any good presentation is meticulously-prepared, audience-centric content. When brainstorming content for your marketing proposal, put yourself in the executives’ shoes. This means addressing their interests, and anticipating and answering their questions. For instance, CEOs and executives often ask:

• How will this marketing strategy drive business outcomes?
• Why should we invest in this marketing strategy vs. another one?
• How will this impact other parts of the organisation? How will you help manage the change?
• What will this cost us?
• Is this going to be profitable?
• Do you have proven results or case studies?
• How will you measure success? What are your key performance indicators?
• Can similar results be achieved at a reduced cost?
• What level of spend will optimise return on investment?
• How many additional qualified leads will this bring us?
• Will this increase our brand exposure?
• How does this reinforce our desired culture?
• What is the competition doing?

Once you’ve built a solid foundation of content, you might want to engage a storytelling expert to help you weave it into a narrative that brings it all to life.

2. Use irresistible design
Now that you’ve nailed your content, you’ll want to package it professionally. One of the most impactful ways to reinforce your message is visually. Images are one of the oldest and most powerful forms of communication—they speak their own language and connect with audiences on an emotional level. This is your chance to be creative. Think about the type of imagery that captures the essence of your message. Make that imagery the hero of your slides and keep any text to a simple headline. If you’re not hot on PowerPoint, don’t worry. Professional graphic designers can select or create beautiful on-brand artwork that drives your message home. Either way, irresistible design and carefully-selected visuals will help executives to perceive your proposal as a valuable one.

3. Unlock your unique communication style
Sure, it feels fantastic when you’ve finished creating a beautiful presentation. But that’s just half the job. The strength of your proposal can’t sell itself. You’ll need to deliver it with confidence. The best way to assess how your presentation looks and sounds to other people is by rehearsing. If you can, practice in front of a test audience. If you’re not able to rehearse with a live group, try recording yourself and playing it back to discover your flaws. Even practicing in front of a mirror will give you the chance to hear your own voice and see how you’re coming across. And if you’re really serious about improving your delivery and boosting your self-confidence, partner with a coach who can train you on essential presentation skills and help you to unlock your unique communication style. After all, great presenters are made not born.

Remember, the marketing team’s success starts with great self-marketing. Follow these three practical steps and you are guaranteed to win-over senior executives with your stunning marketing proposal.

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